Dry Storage

  • Protected

    Over 350 boats can be stored in the fully enclosed facility, safe from sun damage, weather, and more

  • Environmental

    Both forklifts are run on propane instead of diesel in order to keep soot out of the air and off of your boats.

  • Clean

    Floor sweeping is run twice a week to minimize any accumulated dust from daily operation.

  • Convenient

    Building is located directly next to cleaning and maintenance racks with water and power for detailing or service.

  • Sizing

    Capable of housing any boats that range from 17' all the way up to 29' in length, with height taken into consideration.

Wet Storage

  • Secure

    Every Dock has a 24 hour secure gate system to keep the marina expeience safe and enjoyable. Guests utilize a keycard for entry.

  • Comfortable

    With comfortable 6' wide walkways, pull carts for groceries/personal items, and the flexibility to decorate, the docks are a home away from home.

  • Flexible

    We can support 200 boats of varying sizes, from 10' x 20' all the way up to 16' x 38'.